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CeBIT 2008 – World’s Largest ICT Show Still Strong in the Age of the Web!

March 6, 2008

As part of a European trip through Vienna, Munich, London and Berlin to meet with some tech startups and key tech investors, yesterday I stopped in at CeBIT in Hannover Germany.

For those who don’t know CeBIT, this massive Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) show remains the largest computer show in the world. I’ve attended CeBIT off and on

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Business Strategy

Free Love and the Mini

March 4, 2008

For those from the 1960’s such a pairing might trigger nostalgia. But in the new millennium, what does this mean? Believe it or not, the former is hot, emerging branding strategy for a media-saturated populace.

This week, en route from Vienna, via Munich to CeBIT and on to Berlin, my European Verdexus partner Suresh Patel, and I had an opportunity

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Musings and Machinations

February 16, 2008


Technology is a passion.

I have, over the years, had the good fortune to work in researching key technologies, designing and building great products based on technologies, founding and growing great companies built around technology, and now investing (in a “hands-on” way of course) in great technology businesses.

I also happen to have a passion for the arts, the environment

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