Randall Howard

Blog Mandate

Technology is a passion.

I have, over the years, had the good fortune to work in researching key technologies, designing and building great products based on technologies, founding and growing great companies built around technology, and now investing (in a “hands-on” way of course) in great technology businesses.

I also happen to have a passion for the arts, the environment and entrepreneurism. And, in recent years, business models, approaches and systems coming from technology-based business, is starting to transform the social sector.

What used to be called philanthropy, is definitely becoming more business like and, in fact, the boundaries are blurring. Is innovative micro-lender Grameen Bank a charity or a profit making business? Well, to short change a long discussion, it is a bit of both. And, that’s what’s exciting about the new work of technology and the social sector. Rules are being broken, new businesses cannibalize old, and it is the human intellet, well applied, that wins the day.

Blog Approach

I’m a pretty opinionated guy. And, I like nothing more than to share and debate those opinions. Feel free to give your (constructive please) feedback, insights or contrary opinion.

I will endeavour to flag opinion as that and to double check sources, but like everyone else, I’m fallible and will rely on you the alert reader to set me straight.

As well, to spice things up, I plan to invite occasional guest bloggers, who are people from my network that I feel could add value to the topics we are discussing.

Enjoy …