The Essential Entrepreneurial Toolkit #1: “Fearless Passion”

“I believe ‘fearless passion’ is a secret sauce of future success.” – Jeff Pulver

This morning, fearless entrepreneur Jeff Pulver, published an truly inspirational blog post that all entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) should read and take to heart. Read “Fearless Passion Knows no Boundaries” and consider, as one comment suggested, printing it out and putting it on the wall of your office or cubicle.

Jeff, a co-investor in our portfolio company iotum, is a prolifically tireless entrepreneur who, among other things, co-founded Vonage and continues to be a visionary innovator in the VoIP community and Internet Video.

Why do we put this as the first item in our Essential Entrepreneurial Toolkit?

In the uncertain world that entrepreneurs must navigate, both in startups and the social sector, Jeff’s advice is right on the money. To outsiders, the sheer bloodymindedness and chutzpah exhibited by many entrepreneurs comes off as arrogance, or even worse, naïveté. In truth, when balanced with other qualities in the toolkit we’ll discuss at a future date, such fearlessness allows them to navigate those inevitable troughs of despair.

And, it’s a good thing. Without such “fearless passion” our world would be a less colourful place and many disruptions that we depend on might well never see the light of day.