Kitchener Gets Unhinged – Not Just Another Waterloo Conspiracy

Back in May, we provided a sneak preview of Waterloo Region’s newest performing arts organization, Flush Ink Performing Arts in  Gotham in Kitchener: Waterloo Area Arts Truly Striving for World Stature. In just over a week, Flush Ink will take the wraps off their true piece de resistance by launching Unhinged – Kitchener’s Festival of Site-Specific Theatre, September 18-27, 2008. As a founding Board member, a long time fan of the fabulous work of Artistic Director Paddy Bentley-Gillard and a sponsor through Verdexus I couldn’t be more excited by the cutting edge work that will soon envelop downtown Kitchener.

There is a rich smorgasbord of 7 ( technically 8 ) plays, all in interesting locations:

  1. Copy Protection
  2. Dead Cat Bounce
  3. Nonna’s Party
  4. Quantum Entanglement
  5. The Sculpture
  6. Matilda the 10th
  7. Undertow
  8. Rock ‘Em Dead

Below is the first commercial, that should give you some of the unique flavour you’ll savour with Unhinged.

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All jokes about the rivalry between Kitchener and Waterloo aside, the Waterloo Region is now producing top, international calibre artistic fare. Make sure you are among the “early adopter” of this new wave of performing arts in our region and join us. Again, more information at Unhinged.

The box office is at:

156 King Street West, Kitchener

in the hours prior to performances, or call

519 957 2228

for more information.

I hope to see you there…